Dress Up Against AIDS


Adriana Bertini is our new hero. The 35-year-old Brazilian artist takes thousands of quality-test-rejected condoms and turns them into beautiful dresses and skirts and suits (and sometimes even wedding gowns) with all the big, riotous color of some crazy street carnival.

Inspired by the HIV-positive children she got to know while volunteering for an AIDS prevention group, Adriana has spent the last ten years creating the sculptural works that aim to convey her message that “condoms must be basic like a pair of jeans and so necessary like a great love.

We’re sure that so many of Adriana’s garments would make for the most fabulous party frocks ever, but the dresses aren’t meant to be worn (except for in the occasional fashion show). Those in L.A., however, can admire one recent collection at “Dress Up Against AIDS: Condom Couture“, an exhibition running now through March 11 at UCLA’s Fowler Museum. The show features 14 of Adriana’s pieces, including these lovely things:



Tell me why, when so many people in need, we don’t give a helping hand…(From De’clan) So just save yourself from now on!

Suffering children…


Protect yourself…